Campus Features

Student Mentoring Programme

Each student will gain individual attention through Mentoring Programme

Student and Faculty Evaluation

Student and Faculty Evaluation through continuous feedback

Integrated Learning Atmosphere

Congenial and integrated learning atmosphere with Wi-Fi campus

Placement Assistance

Campus Placement Assistance at reputed Educational Institutions for Deserved Students

Institute-School Interaction

Institute-Institute interactions through institutional visits, workshops,  project work, Guest Lectures, Association Memberships

Personality Development Workshop

Personality Development Workshops & Skill Development Programmes are conducted by Academic Experts from Vaious Reputed Institutions

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular and extra curricular activities organised for students

Project Work

Project Work should be done by students

Social Responsibility Activities

Social Responsibility Activities conducted for students to create awareness about Society

Extra Curricular Activities

Management Association Activities organised for students

Education Loans and Scholarships

Guidance and Assistance for Education Loan and Student Scholarship will be provided for students to opt facility.

Science and Humanities Clubs

Students participate in these clubs by organising different educative events in and out of the campus.